M A S K School for Creativity and Innovation


Empower young generation through creativity and innovation!


UK registered charity No 1128734

Affiliated to UNESCO InSEA

Member of the UK Fundraising Standards Board


MASK is also known as Mobile Art School in Kenya

About MASK

Creative and innovative people drive socio-economic progress and developemnt! We must educate young people to be more creative and innovative! We say: Empower young generation through creativity and innovation! MASK


"MASK developed my habit for innovating. This made me a successful professional", Hellen 23


“MASK taught me to think outside the box and to become an enterpreneur and a leader.” Joel, 22,


"MASK's impact on the participants is widespread." Independent report, 2011. Read full report




in partnership with a leading

Kenyan newspaper The Star


National competition with prizes for young people and schools in Kenya and rest of Africa that builds awareness and nurtures creativity and innovation